[eclipse-clp-users] add ownership of .pro files (and drop ownership of .pl files)?

From: -dp- <david_at_...151...>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 15:38:40 +0800
There is a source tree of .pro Prolog files (from source control server)
that I would like to use in my application and have ECLiPSe "own" them and
all other .pro files on my OS (Windows 7) in the way that it owns .ecl and
.pl files. I would like to avoid forking the source tree just to change file

At the same time, .pl files are usually owned by Perl and I would like to
configure ECLiPSe to give up ownership of them.

I've looked in the user manual but didn't find any advice about this. This
isn't critically important, but would be nice to use the .pro extension to
indicate files containing "pure Prolog" and reserve .ecl for those that
involve constraint libraries and such.
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