[eclipse-clp-users] Java interfaces and constraints

From: simone pascucci <cxjepa_at_...6...>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 19:07:54 -0500

I have some experience on logic programming but restricted to answer
set semantics and p-stable semantics. I recently downloaded eclipse
because I need to deal with a problem which involves arithmetic
computation and the use of constraints. After reading the tutorial, I
started to study the embedding manual (java interface) but many
questions remain unsoluted:

1)  Is it possible to use constraint libraries when using java interfaces?
2) I'm trying to code the sendmore=money problem in java but one of
the errors I get is related to the use of escape characters in the
arithmetic constraint definition.
3) Assuming that it is possible to use constraint libraries, this
automatically prevent me to pass a parameter object which implements
the compoundTerm interfaces due to variables representation.

Everything seems to suggest that I can't use the java interfaces for
my goal. Can anyone post an example of java class which makes use of
the constraint libraries?

Thank you,

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