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From: Jose Luis <ingenieros.informatica_at_...6...>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 10:31:41 +0200
Hi Kish,

I found the correct paths. It works ok right now.

Thank you

El 08/06/2009, a las 18:21, Kish Shen escribió:

> Jose Luis wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am a newbie in ECLiPSe and I have a problem. I am trying to run   
>> tkeclipse in my iMac but I receive a error message:
>> iMacJLS:~ JoseLuis$ tkeclipse
>> /Applications/Desarrollo/Prolog/ECLiPSe/bin/i386_macosx/tkeclipse:   
>> line 10: /Applications/Desarrollo/Prolog/ECLiPSe/tcltk/i386_macosx/ 
>> bin/ wish8.5: No such file or directory
>> /Applications/Desarrollo/Prolog/ECLiPSe/bin/i386_macosx/tkeclipse:   
>> line 10: exec: /Applications/Desarrollo/Prolog/ECLiPSe/tcltk/  
>> i386_macosx/bin/wish8.5: cannot execute: No such file or directory
> Hi Jose Luis,
> The error suggest that tkeclipse is trying to run the Tcl/Tk that  
> comes with the Tcl/Tk package, but cannot find it. The most likely  
> reason for this is that you did not install the Tcl/Tk package --  
> tcltk_X_Y_Z_i386_macosx.tgz for version X.Y#Z. Did you look at the  
> README_MACOSX that comes with the eclipse_basic package? This should  
> give you some more information on installing and using ECLiPSe on  
> the Mac.
> Your Mac may already have Tcl/Tk installed on it, but it is likely  
> to be an older version -- 8.4, rather than the 8.5 in the Tcl/Tk  
> package. However, you can use the installed Tcl/Tk if you don't want  
> another version of Tcl/Tk on your machine. You need to specify the  
> location of the installed Tcl/Tk when you run RUNME.
> Cheers,
> Kish
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