Re: [eclipse-clp-users] vb interface

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 18:41:35 +0100
Jonathan Lever wrote:
> I've a need to interface eclipse with vb: has anyone looked into this
> lately? I've tried to work with the existing EclipseThead/Class/Stream files
> but am running into problems with functionality provided by eclipse.dll.
> These functions are declared by ... Lib ... statements in the vb code, but I
> get "can't find dll entry point" errors when the code tries to use them.

Hi Jonathan,

I am probably not the best person to answer your question, as I don't 
know Visual Basic, but I don't know if there is anyone who can try and 
answer your question...

As you probably know, the VB Interface was never fully developed, and 
have not been maintained for a while. I don't think neither Joachim or I 
are currently in a position to maintain this, as we don't have access to 
Visual Basic (and certainly in my case, know enough about Visual Basic) 
to maintain the interface. However, we will certainly welcome anyone 
else who is able to do so to maintain the interface -- that's why we 
provide the source for it! :-)

In addition, the interface is not documented, so you need to know how to 
use it. So unless you know how to use it already -- I can't remember if 
you used it yourself -- it may be difficult to use it.

I don't know enough about Visual Basic to make any specific comments, 
but are you getting the error for every function? Taking a quick look at 
the code, it seems that in the current ECLiPSe, the 
ec_set_option_string() function is no longer there, but the VB interface 
code is still trying to link to it (in EclipseClass.cls), could this be 
one of the reason for your problem? [I think ec_set_option_string() was 
been replaced/superceeded by ec_set_option_ptr()]

I am not sure if any more detailed discussion will be of interest to 
others on this mailing list, so it may be best to just send any replies 
to me, unless you think they would be of general interest.



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