[eclipse-clp-users] Query: possible tool or parser to interface ECLiPSe with Description Logic based OWL ontologies?

From: william fitzgerald <wfitzgerald_at_...179...>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 15:25:26 +0100
Dear ECLiPSe experts,

I am wondering if anyone has ever worked with integrating ECLiPSe with 
OWL-DL ontologies (OWL is a Semantic Web W3C standard built upon RDF/XML 
and DL is an acronym for Description Logic).

I have just been introduced to CLP in the past week so I still need to 
get up to speed on ECLiPSe and CLP in general. A learning curve I am 
looking forward too ;-)

Currently I have developed a model (ontology) in OWL-DL and use both 
Pellet (DL reasoner) and SWRL (interfaces with the Jess Expert system) 
reasoning within the Protege ontology editor.

I would like to explore additional kinds of reasoning that can be 
applied across my DL-based information model in a complementary manner.

Rather than construct a duplicate of my model within ECLiPLSe in an 
adhoc and silo'd manner, I was hoping there might already exist a 
tool/parser that allows ECLiPSe to take as input an OWL-DL ontology 
whereby I can apply additional ECLiPSe constraint reasoning/queries.

Any pointers or direction is greatly welcomed.

William M. Fitzgerald (MSc, BSc)
PhD Student
Cork Constraint Computation Centre,
Computer Science Dept.,
University College Cork,
Received on Thu Apr 23 2009 - 14:25:35 CEST

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