[eclipse-clp-users] Where to begin?

From: Marcos Müller <marcoscefet_at_...6...>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 13:51:59 -0300
Hello again,

I finished my sudoku puzzle successful. Now i'm trying to make a (tree)
solver program that, at first i will enter the data manually and then i want
to integrate this program with another program made in c++ and then automate
the process of finding errors at my company.
My idea is to build a program that will work to find the problem of an
error. The user will enter the error (doing an assert) and this error
represent one node of my tree. After he enters the error the program will
try to find what is the solution by searching the tree and looking for a
leaf-node that tells the error... I don't know if i'm explaining  the
problem correct but...
I know all the nodes that the tree had at the beginning but i want a program
that i can put another nodes after the program is finished...
I'd like to know that if exist some Eclipse lib that i can use for this
purpose (like ic or eplex).
I read the chapter 12 at the tutorial (actually i read all the documentation
at the website) but i'm still lost because all examples that i found is for
puzzles or jokes and all these programs use some special library that solve
the problem.
Is very difficult to do this?
Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much!!

Marcos Müller Lopes Fonseca
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Gerente de projetos - UFMG Informática Jr.
Sistemas de Informação - UFMG
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