[eclipse-clp-users] Questions about mixed integer linear programming using eplex

From: Kim Lai <kim73327_at_...6...>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 23:31:02 +0800
hi, 2 questions,
1. when I tried to use to solve Mix Integer linear program,
for each integer variables, It will warn as follows
"Eplex warning: Imposing integer bounds on variable(s) _15437 for eplex
instance eplex does not impose integer type"
Is there any ways to stop or ignore this type of warnings ?

2. As I put constraints using Big-M method for each pair of disjunctive
with more and more constraints, the following errors will occur many times.
"Clp6002E 1 bad bound pairs or bad objectives were found - first at C98"
Although at the end, I still got an answer from eplex.
But will these errors make the result solved by eplex incorrect ?
Or not a optimal solution ?


....Best Regards
by Kim Lai, 賴廣甫
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