[eclipse-users] Speed Up Constraint Imposing Time in ECLiPSe

From: David Tian <D.Tian_at_...14...>
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 22:17:28 +0000

My problem is a data mining problem (a discretization problem) and I
modelled it as a constraint satisfaction optimization problem (CSOP)  
and implemented the CSOP using the ic library of ECLiPSe. For  
different instances of problems, the CSP consists of different total  
number of constraints. However, when the number of constraints  
increases, the time to impose them goes increases rapidly. To impose  
28552 constraints, it takes 261.70 seconds. There can be large  
problems with more constraints than this problem, this makes my CSOP  

I imposed all the constraints one by one using a loop. I am wondering  
if there is another way to impose the constraints in ECLiPSe to speed  
up the constraint imposing time.

For your interest, my paper describing the problem and CSOP is at:  

many thanks and regards,

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