[eclipse-users] Question about branch and bound

From: Dimitris Bilidas <grad0903_at_...90...>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 04:14:22 +0200
Joachim thanks very much for your answer. I've tried what you wrote and it
works, but when I'm trying to use a predicate to get the cost, I'm getting some
strange behavior and I can't understand what's wrong.

What I am trying to do is something like that:

    ( fromto(Board, [Qi|Qs], [Qs], []), foreach(D,Ds) do
        D #= Qi
    getCost(Ds, Result),
    Cost #= Result,
    branch_and_bound:minimize(labeling(Board), Cost).

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance (again),
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