Re: [eclipse-users] Java exception is being thrown when invoking an eclipse program scheduling over 300 tasks

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 02:06:27 +0000

William Heath wrote:
> Hi Kish,
> I figured it out and it is definitely a memory issue with eclipse-clp.
>  What I did to solve it was this:
>   java.lang.System.setProperty("", "1024");
>   java.lang.System.setProperty("eclipse.local-size", "1024");
I should have added that I think it is unlikely that you require 
expanding the local stack size -- all the domains and lists are stored 
in the global stack (as specified by global-size).
> convertIC_SET_to_IC_DOM(Ic_set, Ic_dom):-
>    	    writeln('convertIC_SET_to_IC_DOM'),
>               ic_sets:(Ic_domVar in Ic_set),
>               ic:(get_domain_as_list(Ic_domVar,Ic_setIntegerList)),
>               ic:(Ic_dom::Ic_setIntegerList).
You seem to be trying to copy the ic domain from one variable to 
another. I am not quite sure why you are doing this: why can't you use 
Ic_domVar directly? In any case, using get_domain_as_list/2 is very 
likely to be much less efficient than using get_domain/2, unless you 
have a large number of holes (and given your domain size, a *very* large 
number of holes, somewhere in the same order of the size of your domain).

But I think this is somewhat secondary, as I  said in my last message, 
using such a large domain is probably quite inefficient.


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