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Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 16:56:56 +0100
Scratch this post: problem solved. Will advise why at a later time.

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Subject: [eclipse-users] Multithreading Java with eclipse

I essentially want to have an interaction between Java and Eclipse, but
they have to be in different threads.
When I do single-threaded interaction everything is fine.
The QueueListener methods dataAvailable and dataRequest on the Java side
are called appropriately when Eclipse tries to write/read data.
Good stuff. 

But, what I really need is to do an  EmbeddedEclipse.rpc in one thread,
and also specify queue listeners which would also execute in that
thread, while other Java logic goes off and does its thing in another
thread.  I do need to have minimal cross manipulation between threads,
that is, queue listeners detached and reattached, and some shared data.
But even before I get to this, at the moment, I just create a Runnable
and start it in its own Thread, creating queues and queue listeners
within the run() method of the Runnable, as well as creating the Eclipse
engine within the run() method.  So everything to do with the
interaction exists in a separate thread from the main thread.  Doing
this, I get no interaction between eclipse and java in this secondary
thread.  Any suggestions?

Many thanks,
Andrew Farrell

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