[eclipse-users] Suspension lists

From: Malcolm Ryan <malcolmr_at_...25...>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 19:44:00 +1000
I'm programming a data type which represents a list of non-fixed  
length. The length is represented as an ic variable, and as its lower  
bound increases new element variables are added to the list. I want  
to provide a suspension list and a port to notify watchers of this  
event. I've got the code mostly working, but am facing one problem. I  
want to close the port when the list is instantiated, but at the  
moment I appear to be doing it too soon -- other demons are still  
waiting to write to the port. When they try, they fail (and what's  
more annoying: they fail silently).

These demons should have higher priority than the instantiation  
demon, but because they themselves are triggered by events in lib(ic)  
and lib(ic_sets), they do not seem to be happening early enough. Is  
there a way to delay until a suspension list is empty? Or is there  
another way to avoid this problem?


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