[eclipse-users] X = A or B

From: Malcolm Ryan <malcolmr_at_...25...>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 12:19:03 +1000
I have a constraint system with many constraints of the form:

X #= A1 or X #= A2 or ... or X #= An

On its own, this statement doesn't restrict the domain of X. Is there  
any we to re-express it so that the domain of X is maintained as the  
union of the domains of A1 ... An?

I don't suppose it would be too hard to program this directly (with a  
demon which is triggered by [A1,...An]->const) but if there's an  
existing solution I'd like to hear about it. Or if there is a  
compelling reason why maintaining this kind of relation is too  
expensive to be worthwhile.


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