[eclipse-users] Any way to handle breal in the Java interface?

From: Lutz, Charles D <charles.d.lutz_at_...53...>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 18:43:28 -0400
Hi folks,


I'm working with the Java-ECLiPSe interface to try to parse data

from posted goals.  I am using calculations involving reals with the ic

as described in Chapter 9, "Working with real numbers and variables."


I understand that breal does not have a corresponding Java data type nor

a representation in the EXDR format. Since I can't use rpc to get the

of instantiated breal variables, I'm thinking that the only recourse is
to grab

ECLiPSe's raw output and parse it for variable value reports, but I
figured I

should ask first!



Chuck Lutz

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