[eclipse-users] Error in bin packing example

From: Lutz, Charles D <charles.d.lutz_at_...53...>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 15:20:52 -0400
Hi folks,


I am trying the bin packing example from the tutorial, and I'm getting
the following



calling an undefined procedure constrain_bin(Bin) in module eclipse


I typed in the example, got the error, then made a new .pl file in which
I copied the

code from the PDF of the tutorial in case I had made manual typos, but I
get the

same result.


It seems to be complaining about the first predicate in the second
clause defining

bin_setup/2 below: 


bin_setup(Demand,[]) :-



bin_setup(Demand, [Bin | Bins]) :-


reduce_demand(Demand, Bin, RemainingDemand),

bin_setup(RemainingDemand, Bins).


constrain_bin/3 is defined like this:


constrain_bin(bincolour:Col, capacity:Cap, contents:C) :-

colour_capacity_constraint(Col, Cap),

capacity_constraint(Cap, C),


colour_constraints(Col, C).


Since the call within bin_setup/2 only has one parameter ("Bin"), is
this the problem?




Chuck Lutz

Lockheed Martin

Systems of Systems Engineering

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Moorestown, NJ

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