[eclipse-users] The Win2K path problem seems more general

From: Lutz, Charles D <charles.d.lutz_at_...53...>
Date: Wed, 09 May 2007 12:55:29 -0400
Hi folks,


This is an FYI, I suppose. I have made my way through the tutorial up to
Ch. 8,

using just DosEclipse. I typed in the sendmore/2 example. Upon trying to

pile it, I get the following errors:


[eclipse 1]: compile('//C/Chuck/ECLiPSe/sendmore.pl').

system interface error: The specified module could not be found.

 in load("//C/Program Files/ECLiPSe 5.10/lib/i386_nt/ic.dll")


*** compilation aborted

        before line 1 in the file //C/Program Files/ECLiPSe



*** compilation aborted

        before line 1 in the file //C/Program Files/ECLiPSe


*** compilation aborted

        before line 3 in the file //C/Chuck/ECLiPSe/sendmore.pl


[eclipse 2]: compile('//C/Chuck/ECLiPSe/sendmore.pl').


I also got a popup dialog that complains:  "The dynamic link library
Bitmap could

not be found in the specified path ..." (it listed my PATH env var at
the "..."). I see

that ic.dll and bitmap.dll are in C:\Program Files\ECLiPSe
5.10\lib\i386_nt, which

is on the PATH env var, so it's a mystery!


I may soon have another machine, non-Win2K, on which I will try to run

I wanted to share this with other current users on Win2K.


Chuck Lutz

Lockheed Martin

System of Systems Engineering

BMC4I Modeling and Simulation

Moorestown, NJ

(856)638-7234 (office)



"A graphic is never an end in itself; it is a moment

in the process of decision making."
     - Jacques Bertin

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