[eclipse-users] Library Induction

From: Siddharth Angrish <sidangrish_at_...6...>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 16:34:23 -0400
      I have ECLiPSe 5.10 installed on a linux machine. I want to
"include" some library
made available by a thirdparty (FSA6 utilities toolbox) so that I can
use it in my eclipse
 All the thirdparty libraries are with me. The libraries are in SWI Prolog.
They are successfully included in SWI prolog installed on my machine.

I modified the library_path of my eclipse to point to the directory
containing the libraries. But
still I am getting the error:
        library not found in use_module(library(fsa_library))

upon execution of the command : lib(fsa_library)

NOTE: this fsa_libary (and all of its supporting ones) are written in
SWI Prolog. SWI Prolog is
installed on my machine and I execute lib(swi) before executing lib(fsa_library)

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