Re: [eclipse-users] ECLiPSe & FSA6 Utilities Interaction

From: Alexandre Saidi <Alexandre.Saidi_at_...37...>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 09:11:22 +0200
I've some experiences with FSA.
FSA can be "called" from the command line, can create many output formats, Prolog included.
As said by Kish (in his mail), there would be no special trouble (just one or 2 hours to spend) to make it work (with lib(swi)) and to tune.
But, if you plan to use its Tcl/tk interface, you'd be no more "under" Eclipse env...
(the risque is that, soon or late, you'll finish, I guess, with 2 Prolog engins on your own....)
For that, I dont have any expérience !


Kish Shen a écrit :
On Tuesday 17 April 2007 22:18, Siddharth Angrish wrote:

       can the FSA utilities (creating, modifying automata etc) offered by FSA6
( be called/used from an ECLiPSe program
at runtime?
          Moreover, the FSA6 automata can be compiled into other
languages including
Prolog. Is there a way that one creates an automata using FSA6 in an
ECLiPSe program,
converts the automata into Prolog code and then uses that code in the
same ECLiPSe


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Hi Siddharth,

I don't know anything about FSA, but according to the URL you gave, FSA is able to run on 
SICStus, YAP and SWI Prolog. This probably means that it does not make extensive use of 
features specific to any of these Prologs (except for the Tcl/Tk interface in SICStus, of 
course), so my guess would be that it could be ported to run on ECLiPSe as well.

You can try and port the code to ECLiPSe, perhaps with either lib(sicstus) or lib(swi) to help 
you, and/or you could check with the FSA people, as perhaps they may be interested in 
supporting ECLiPSe as well.



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