[eclipse-users] Reloading a file with dynamic predicates

From: Paulo Moura <pmoura_at_...16...>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 11:08:48 +0100

In ECLiPSe, reloading a file containing dynamic directives and  
dynamic predicates fails to restore the original definitions from the  
file. E.g. if the file contains a single clause for a dynamic  
predicate, simply reloading it results in two clauses in memory.  
Reloading it a second time, results in three repeated clauses and so  
on. This is the documented behavior of the compile/1:

"(...) static procedures are redefined by those occurring in the  
compiled file, the clauses of dynamic procedures are appended to the  
existing ones."

Is there any solution to replace the clauses of dynamic predicates  
instead of appending them?

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