Re: [eclipse-users] A new library induction in ECLiPSe

From: Kish Shen <kish.shen_at_...2...>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007 02:51:28 +0100
On Thursday 05 April 2007 02:24, Siddharth Angrish wrote:
> Hi
>            can somebody point to a source detailing how a new solver in the
> form of a library be integrated into ECLiPSe? Moreover, are there any
> constraints over the language chosen to write the solver?
> Thanks
> Siddharth
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Hi Siddharth,

Normally a library wirtten for ECLiPSe is just normal ECLiPSe code, packaged into module(s). 
`Library' code are simply those modules which are located in known locations that you
can load into ECLiPSe with the library/1 directive without needing to specify the full path to 
the your files. These paths are specified in the library_path flag (see get_flag/2 and set_flag/2),
which you can change.

Some of ECLiPSe's libraries are partly written in C/C++. There are several reasons for this, e.g.
 1) they need to interface to external applications (e.g. eplex),
 2) a low-level language like C is needed to implement some features that can be done more
    efficiently than in ECLiPSe (e.g. ic).

but generally it is best to do as much of your coding in ECLiPSe as possible.

If you have developed a useful library, and you are willing to contribute it to ECLiPSe, then
it can be included in ECLiPSe and be distributed with it (the code will be covered by the
Cisco-style Mozilla license as with the rest of ECLiPSe code).  We would really welcome such
contributions -- that is one of the reasons we made ECLiPSe open-source! 


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