Re: [eclipse-users] NEWBIE: Eplex installation question

From: brammert <bottens_at_...6...>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 17:20:17 +0100
I do am using an intel mac, so that probably explains my problems, 
although I do not know what is causing them. Eclipse itself does seem to 
start normally but a simple command like halt. does not work either.

Kish Shen schreef:
> brammert wrote:
>> On another note, I am also trying to install eclipse on my macbook 
>> using the mac binaries from sourceforge. The installation itslef runs 
>> smoothly, but as soon as I try to load the eplex library in this 
>> distribution it gives the following error
>> [eclipse 1]: lib(eplex).
>> loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.02 seconds
>> loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.01 seconds
>>   loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.03 seconds
>> loaded traceable 0 bytes in 0.01 seconds
>> loading OSI clpcbc ... dlcompat: Can not open 
>> "/Users/brammert/Eclipse/lib/ppc_macosx/seosiclpcbc.dylib"
>> shared library not found in load("ppc_macosx/seosiclpcbc.dylib")
>> undefined instruction in 'Emulate'
> I am not sure why dlcompat is reporting it can't open the file -- I 
> assume seosiclpcbc.dylib is where ECLipSe think it is? Does it have 
> the right permissions for you to load it?
> The 'shared library not found...' message can be misleading. This 
> message is generated when there is any problem loading the file.
> Is your Macbook a PPC Mac, or an Intel Mac? The code is really only 
> for a PPC Mac (it is compiled on a Mac running OS 10.2), although we 
> have reports that it does run on Intel Macs, persumably because some 
> emulation mode, but we have no access to an Intel Mac and cannot test 
> this.
> I think I have successfully loaded eplex with the CLP/CBC solver 
> (which is what you are loading) on two PPC Macs: one running OS 10.2, 
> and another running OS 10.4.
> Cheers,
> Kish
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