Re: [eclipse-users] problem writing files in CHR

From: Marco Gavanelli <marco.gavanelli_at_...17...>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 17:17:29 +0100
J. Manuel Velasco wrote:
> Hello all,
> Here I am, bothering with the same matter once and again.
> To whom who can give me a hand, I've created a basic page where I explained 
> the problem and link the need files.
> Check it at:

Dear Manuel,

it seems to me that your code invokes open in write mode more than once, 
so in the following invocations you delete all you have previously 
written. Try to execute your program with the tracer, and read the file 
with an external editor after each close.

By changing the open mode to append I obtained this file:

ctr_orient(1, C, A, B, [lm], 1)
1ctr_orient(15, D, B, C, [ibl, bl, sm, ib, sb, r, rm, ibr, br, if, l, 
lm, lf, sf, rf], 4)
1ctr_orient(9, D, C, A, [lm, ibl, bl, sm, ib, sb, rm, ibr, br], 3)
1ctr_orient(3, D, A, B, [lf, l, lm], 2)
1ctr_orient(1, D, C, B, [lm], 1)
3ctr_orient(14, D, B, C, [l, lm, ibl, bl, sm, ib, sb, r, rm, ibr, br, 
lf, sf, rf], 3)
1ctr_orient(5, D, C, A, [lm, ibl, bl, sb, br], 2)
2ctr_orient(5, D, A, C, [lf, sf, rf, r, rm], 2)
1ctr_orient(1, D, C, B, [lm], 1)


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