[eclipse-users] more questions although there are no replies :(

From: J. Manuel Velasco <jvelasco_at_...4...>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 16:02:48 +0100
Hello all again,

I am studing the interface between Prolog and C/C++ to achieve execute some 
constraints from C/C++.

The constraints and other prolog needed for the definition of this constraints 
were implemented for eclipse. 

The first idea was compile this code and execute the constraints with the 
interface but i don't see the way. 

Looking the chapter "Managing Data and Memory in Mixed-Language Applications", 
I saw that there are special ways to define prolog code from C/C++, so I put 
the question to myself that maybe the way to achieve what I need is rewrite 
the Prolog code in the way of terms, atoms, etc I mean, EC_functor, EC_atom 
and so... in a C/C++ program.

Is like that?

Can't I compile the prolog code like that:
    post_goal(term(EC_functor("compile", 1), "familia"));

and then make questions from C/C++ ???

Please I feel really lost, any help or guide will be really appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

J.Manuel Velasco Martínez
 - Cognition for Robotics Research [http://www.c4r2.uji.es]
   Universitat Jaume I
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