[Eclipse-clp-announce] Mailing List Migration

From: Joachim Schimpf (Independent Contractor) <jschimpf_at_cisco.com>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2008 20:34:24 +0100
Dear ECLiPSe user and eclipse-announce subscriber,

we have just finished migrating the ECLiPSe-Users and the ECLiPSe-announce
mailing lists from their former home at crosscoreop.com to their new home
at SourceForge.

All subscribers should have been transferred, and you should have received
a subscription notification for the new lists:

eclipse-users_at_crosscoreop.com    becomes eclipse-clp-users_at_lists.sf.net
eclipse-announce_at_crosscoreop.com becomes eclipse-clp-announce_at_lists.sf.net

The new address for changing your subscription settings is
and the list archive is at
(similarly for eclipse-clp-announce)

Please stand by for information on this list about forthcoming ECLiPSe 6.0!

Sorry for any inconvenience,
Received on Mon Apr 07 2008 - 12:34:39 CEST

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